Thursday, March 6, 2014

a little about me

I thought I would tell you a little about me today.  I'm not the writer that Skip is so my blog will not be as poetic as his.  I am also told that my art can be a little strange at times.  Skip says that he was ok with the alpaca poop keychains that I made but my shower spiders are even too gross for him. They are made from sheep fiber.  The idea came to me when I was showering and noticed that all the hair that I lose when I wash my hair gets balled up and put on the soap dish to get thrown away later.  They look like spiders, big ugly spiders.  So I made one out of sheep fiber. No one else likes it but I do and it's hanging in our downstairs bathroom.  No one likes to admit it but I know all of you lose some hair  in the shower, you just don't see it as art and I do.  So  I decided that I will show you all my work, even if it's a bit too weird for the average person.  The other thing about me is that I am a dowser.  A lot of people would think that a bit strange as well.  For some reason spirits seem to hang around our house.  Some nice and some not so nice.  I check with my pendulum on a daily basis and if there are demons and ghosts attached to me or the house I call my friend and acupuncturist Jordan Su and she sends them off to the light.  It doesn't always work when I ask them to leave.  This all may    
seem a little strange  but I have known about my spirit guide since I was a kid.  It wasn't until recently that I actually saw him during one of my acupuncture sessions.  He's American Indian.  For as long as I can remember I always felt that I was on this earth to be a light worker.  There are people that enter my life that I feel I have a karma with.  Some times I feel the urge to just give someone a piece of my art.  I do that just because I feel that they need to have it.  I have given away lots of my art.  99% of the time the recipient is very happy to have it and it makes them feel good.  Making someone feel good is the reason I give it to them.  I am working on a couple of things right now that I'm going to give away.  Some one that needs cheering up.  I am a horrible business person and don't do well making money since I give away way more of my art than I sell.  It was much easier to make a living as a nurse.  I could give away my gift of healing and still get paid by my boss.  Sometimes I get gifts from other light workers.  One picture was given to me by a special friend named Ellie Steffen.  We met about 6 years ago, she is an outstanding artist that lives in Woodstock.. She has a painting of mine as well.  I continue to work towards becoming a reiki master and I do that with two people.  Jordan is one and Cindy Brody is the other.  Cindy is an animal communicator that came to me from my dear friend Isabelle.  I have taken some other courses with Cindy that helps with all the animals that are in my care.  So that is a little piece of me.  Below are some pictures.  Every  night I burn white sage to keep the bad spirits out.  I started some of my seeds early but I expect those will grow inside (green beans and peas

this is my shower spider

burning white sage in my upstairs studio

my seed starting area

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my hibiscus that I keep alive all winter

Picture that Ellie Steffen gave us

This is Rosebud Rosie for short, she's a love

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