Thursday, March 20, 2014

one of two blog posts today

I will have two blog posts today.  This one is a special one for the animals of Ulster County SPCA.
I am sending this link to Cindy Brody.  Cindy is an animal communicator that works out of Woodstock, NY.  I've had to use Cindy to help CaseyMae get over some emotional problems.  You know how it is with artists, they can be very temperamental and emotional.   Especially artists as special as CaseyMae that paint with their tail.  Cindy fixed her up and her painting has never been better.  Cindy will be putting a link on her face book page to help Casey sell her picture.  Cindy is very involved with helping animals of all kinds and she helps raise money for Ulster County SPCA as well.  You will be getting Caseys painting that is done on 300 lb acid free Arches paper and is hand matted by me.  There will be a full size picture of Casey along with her business card attached to the back of the picture.  Casey is asking that the donation be $30 or more and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Ulster County SPCA which is a no kill shelter that does wonderful work.  Please help Casey help her buddies that are not as fortunate as she is.

CaseyMaes masterpiece

All artists should have a business card, so I made up one for Casey

since I paint with my tail I would prefer to stick to watercolors, they wash off easily

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