Monday, March 17, 2014

back to me

Well it's been a few days since I wrote a blog.  I had some kind of flu,  not a bad one, just enough to keep me in bed.  Funny thing, I stopped taking the flu shot because the last two times I got one I came down with a horrible flu.  That was over 20 years ago.  That was enough for me and I haven't one since.  I  kept my immune system in check and toughed it out.  This year my dear friend Robyn called me and practically begged me to get the flu shot.  She's an RN that works the ICU in Georgia and she told me that young people were coming in almost dead from the H1N1 virus and after a few days did die.  I spoke to Marty our small town pharmacist and he assured me that I would not get the flu from the vaccine so I stuck my arm out and let him stick me.  He was right I didn't get the flu from the shot but my neurotic hand washing routine must have missed a germ or two.  I had 101 fever and had to stay in bed.  The first day was a blur I just slept for hours at a time. By the second day I could concentrate on TV and for the next 2 days I watched 20  episodes of Seventh Heaven  and half as many of the Waltons. Two days of UP TV was enough to get me up and out of bed.  I'm behind with my work but I'm just grateful that Skip took care of things while I was down.  I never really take anything I have for granted, but when you're not feeling well and you can crawl into a warm and cozy bed and feel safe and comfy it really makes you think about all the people that don't have that luxury.  I am truly blessed in every possible way and thanks to all my friends for the well wishes, I'm blessed in that way too.  I'm really excited because I got an email from the woman that runs the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl.  She was able to get the farm on the map in time for the crawl.  I finally finished processing over two years of fiber and we're finally ready for the crawl..I'm working on some art rolags and I'm putting together art boxes with different types of fibers so visitors can purchase something at a reasonable price.  We'll have a drop spindle to go with each box.  Also  giving away  a mini drop spindle key chain that I am making If you spend $25 or more.  If the weather is dry we will make a fire  and hang up my new enamel cauldron  and serve warm spiced apple cider and cookies and I think I'll bring the popcorn machine to the shop porch.  This is going to be a great way to get our name out there.  We have such a great shop and it's such a fun place to visit with all the animals to see.  Our donkeys are cute as hell, check out Rosie and Allie playing together.  I'll be busy this week getting ready, also have reiki 2 this weekend.  I am helping to raise money and collecting towels, sheets, dog or cat toys, covers anything that an animal shelter can use.  Ulster county SPCA is a no kill shelter that does fantastic work.  Please help and drop off any of those things to the farm and I will bring them there.  I'm  also trying to sell CaseyMaes water color which is matted and ready for a frame.  100% of the proceeds will go to that shelter.  If you're interested in buying her art let me know.  She's a talented artist and very approachable, her picture might be worth money some day.  I'll pay for shipping if you're not local.

the artist

for sale 100% of proceeds to Ulster County no Kill SPCA

beans and peas getting ready to climb

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