Monday, March 24, 2014

One more reiki to go

Spent 2 days in Woodstock to finish my reiki 2 class.  By August I will be enrolled in the final class for reiki master.  I'm really psyched about my reiki training and  I have homework to do.  I have to perform reiki many many times before I can continue in August to complete my final class to become a reiki master.  Look out, my  hot hands will be searching for willing bodies.  I'll be healing anything that needs healing that will include my plants, my farm store, all animals on this farm and anything else I can get my hands on.  My hands are on fire.  Since Skip is the closest breathing being, he will be first on my list.  I don't think he will be complaining about it.  Usually my hands are cold as ice, it will be a pleasant change for him and he needs as much healing as possible.  I'm also going to send reiki out into the world, so friends, if you suddenly feel warm and happy for no reason at all, that is probably me sending my love.  However, I take no responsibility for hot flashes due to a lack of hormones, that wasn't me.
I had a pretty productive day today.  Next weekend is the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl.  We are on the map this year.   I was able to make up 10 art boxes for the shop.  I filled them with an assortment of blue face, merino, angora, romney, top, alpaca, icelandic/shetland, mohair locks, art rolags, sari silk, sequin thread, fringe yarn and angelina, 5 ounces of fiber in each box plus a drop spindle that Skip made.  The cost is $20 per box.  Also if you spend a total of $25 you will get a free mini drop spindle key chain that I made.  I am bringing the electric carder and blending board into the shop and anyone who buys any fiber can use the carder or blending board to make their own art batts or rolags.  CaseyMae likes to come with me to the shop, it's her job.  Casey has a few jobs so she feels wanted.  SnavelyMill didn't get to come with me and she was annoyed and letting me know it.  Every where I went she was there poking me in the behind.  Anyone who knows Snavely, knows how she takes her pointy long nose and pokes you with it and not gently.  I was getting poked all afternoon.  I tried giving her biscuits and letting her out on the deck but no matter what I did, she wasn't happy.  She was giving me fish eye all day.  Fish eye is hard to take so I had to stop what I was doing and let her and Casey out into the small pasture to run.  I knew all along that she was pissed at me for taking Casey to the shop and leaving her behind.  She's not content to run and play while I'm in the warm house, no, I have to stand there and watch the whole thing freezing my behind off.  She needs to be told, run Snavely, run, and that's exactly what I did, run Snavely run.  Five minutes of this was about all I could take, no hat or gloves, eyes were running and my feet were frozen,  and I said to myself, Vicki your an idiot get those dogs and get back in the house.  The fire was going, the cats were sitting in front of it, my dogs were content, they ate and exercised, the chickens got a treat of bread dropped off by a friend, the donkeys and alpacas were chomping on fresh hay and it's 7:30 and we haven't eaten yet.  You know who rates in this house.
SnavelyMill under the covers, see that nose, it's a weapon

contents of one art box, all are different

art box

SnavelyMill and CaseyMae, run Snavely, run

10 completed art boxes

5 really soft huacaya alpaca "Luke"

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