Monday, March 10, 2014

Mondays, my favorite day, acupuncture day.

I was trying to come up with a blog yesterday but it was a boring day.  Nothing very interesting happened.  I woke up tired because of the time change, didn't feel like cooking and went to Topps market to buy some chicken wings.  I was really looking forward to the wings that I couldn't get last week because it was too late and they turned off the deep fryer.  Can you believe they had no wings?  I was disgusted and bought some fried chicken and macaroni and cheese that was on special.  I knew I shouldn't be eating it but I was annoyed about the wings and just grabbed what was there.  So my day consisted of being sleepy, being bored and ended with severe indigestion from the bargain dinner.  Today was better, had my acupuncture and did our Albany errands, Fromm dog food from Bensons, our usual Lowes visit and a stop at Joann's fabrics.  I wanted to make new curtains for the living room.  I always need to spruce up after a long winter.  On our last visit to Stockbridge at the Red Lion Inn I noticed that I was in love with the lace curtains with the little cotton ball thingies on the edges.  I looked everywhere for curtains like that but couldn't find anything like them.  I had my Joannes coupons tucked away in the car so I thought it was a good time to shop for lace fabric which costs a fortune.  I'll take pictures of the finished curtains that I plan on working on tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I did do some drawing at 4am yesterday because I couldn't sleep on account of the indigestion.  I was too lazy to go to my studio so I stayed in bed quietly and with the light from my iPhone so I wouldn't disturb Skip, I did some sketching in the dark.  Then last night I redid them and added some watercolor paint and a mat.  They are mini art only 3inches by 3 inches and one that is 3inches by 4 inches.  I'm going to encase them in glass and will show you the finished product when I'm done.  I also washed some sheep locks that I want to spin.  My peas started to sprout and it was starting to feel like spring until I looked at the weather channel on my phone and saw that little red exclamation point.  I was afraid to look, that's never a good punctuation mark when it comes to the weather.  No sense to not looking it won't go away and if it's bad news I will need to call Wayne to get more square bales of hay.  I tapped the little red mark, said a dirty word, and called Wayne.  This will have to be the last snow storm because Wayne is out of hay, he has about 5 bales left and they're not second cutting. Rosebud could stand to lose a few pounds anyway, she is a little chunky monkey, eating all this second cutting hay.   I snapped some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
washed sheep locks waiting to be spun

ducks love puddles

the snow mountains are getting smaller

starting to see water in the pond

Rosebud up front Max and Allie behind

the finished picture painted by CaseyMaes tail our very own puppy Picasso

Rosebud again

she's just so cute and lovable 

Allie, Max and Bolero

deer at my neighbors waiting to cross

they crossed one at a time

sketching in the dark

more sketching
SnavelyMills favorite activity

poor Casey, shame on SnavelyMill

Lace material I bought for my curtains

Love these little balls

SnavelyMill found the cow ears we bought her

hiding in our bed eating her cow ear (don't look at the dust on the blinds)

getting closer to completion

this little bunny  has attitude

added a matt the picture is 3inches by 4 inches

this one is 3 inches by 3 inches


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  1. Great blog love.....keep up the good work!! I'm proud of ya.....