Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No curtains today

I got up really early today which is quite unusual for me since I'm up until the wee hours trying to fall asleep.  My hormones left town never to be seen again.  Not that I miss them so much but it would be nice to be able to sleep through the night.  So I got up early but decided that nothing on my list of chores was worth getting out of bed for and I was so right.  One of our friends called and asked for a ride to Catskill to pick up her car so I didn't want to start anything until I got back.  Not to waste the trip we stopped at our all time favorite store, Lowes.  It was at Lowes when I discovered that I reached that dreadful time in a woman's life when they become their mother.  Whenever I would take my mother to Lowes or any store that carries plants, I would leave her in that department and make an excuse like, I forgot something in the other isle Ma.  The reason for this escape was that she would clip pieces of plants and stuff them in her bag so she could take them home to root them.  That way she didn't have to buy the plant.  This horrified me.  I was sure that one day they would catch her in the act and cart her away.  I can never leave Lowes without a trip to the plant department and it was there that   I spotted this really cool hanging plant that I  wanted to buy..  I picked it up 3 times to put it in my cart but kept putting it back.  That's when it happened,  it was like I had no control of myself.  I clipped a sample and stuffed it in my pocket.  What could I say, it was bound to happen sooner or later, I was hoping for later.  So we got everything we came for,  it was past 5:30 and I was sure that the chicken in the sink defrosting was still defrosting and by the time I put it in the oven we would be eating by 9.  I had good intentions, I took out the chicken, I was really planning on cooking it but Pomodoros was right next door and pizza is my favorite food.  I knew Skip wouldn't argue so I said let's go get a couple of slices.  He did more than not argue.  He said, it would be cheaper if we just bought a whole pie.  I wasn't in my usual argumentative mood and said, ok.  My pants are getting tighter by the day and if I don't get off my lazy butt and start cooking healthy non fattening food I will have to go to shelf number two in my closet where I keep the next size jeans.  I promised myself that shelf number two was forbidden and there were many times that I almost donated shelf number 
two.  I am admitting right here on this blog that I have no self control, I'm weak. So I ate my pizza, all four slices of it and headed home to make curtains.  Skip helped me stretch out the fabric and right in the center was a very large hole.  So the only thing left to do today was finish up my mini paintings and solder them together.  I finished them and below are the pictures.  When I went downstairs to my glass studio I found that Skip has taken over the exercise area with his kickstarter project.  There's a 2x6 x8 pine board on my bow flex .  I guess I won't be able to exercise until he decides to move it.   Like I said earlier, I'm not in an argumentative mood today so, take your time Skip, I'll exercise when ever you decide to move it.

my peas are growing

beans are just starting to pop

meet Vincent, my violet plant.  I'm experimenting with him.  I'm being extra loving to see if  he'll grow, haven't been able to grow a violet since I left Jersey

my glass studio in the basement

Skips board on my bow flex 

encased in glass I did some fancy soldering so it looks like a frame

same type of soldering

all finished

all set to be shipped out, Mr bunny has quite the attitude

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