Thursday, March 20, 2014

second post for today

It's 1am and I'm sitting at my computer trying to write a second blog for today.  I do most of my work at night.  Tonight, however I am a little sleepy.  I was hoping for a more productive day but the time seemed to creep away from me and it's 1am and here I am trying to write about a boring  and unproductive day.  It was another unsuccessful diet day.  I was unmotivated to cook so we ate out again and my choice of food was poor as usual.  I ate fried Calamari and cream of mushroom soup.  "Bertha"  that's my belly,( most things in my life have a name) is not pleased with my choice of food.  I don't really blame her, I'm not pleased either.   I will need to double my dose of prilosec and raise up those pillows.  I don't know how some one as stubborn and tough as I am can't have more will power and say no to poor food choices.  I always go in with good intentions.  I scan the menu and look at the better choices.  Salads are a good choice.  However I only like salads if they are loaded up with dressing and it must have real fat or I just won't like it.  Fat free is not on the pyramid.  If I'm not going to like it, why bother with the salad.  If' I'm going to add the fat to the salad, I would rather get my fat from the fried calamari.  I do think that the cream of mushroom soup was a better choice than the BLT with the 7 slices of bacon  and the added mayo which was my first choice of a main course.  Tomorrow will be a better day for sure.  I am working really hard on my fiber for the yarn crawl.  I'm putting together a box of different fibers for art bats.  If anyone wants to use my electric carder to make a bat they will be welcome to come into the house to use it.  I also made up a bunch of mini drop spindle key chains that has my hand spun bunny wrapped on it, they are really cute.  I would love to be done with all this stuff soon.  I have my reiki 2 class this weekend and the following weekend is the yarn crawl.  There are only two of us from Greene county.  The other farm I believe is in Medusa about 15 minutes from us.  My kitchen has fiber from one end to the other.  I have to make sure I put it all away at night because the cats think I left them a new bed to sleep in.  It's hard to believe that Spring is here.  The snow piles are still here and we went through 4 tons of wood pellets in the fireplace and will probably have to buy more.  We had to order extra hay and we're going through that rather quickly too.  The only good thing about a really cold winter is that the ticks are good and dead.  Our cats got very used to sleeping up in our room this winter but their days are numbered.  As soon as the ticks are up and moving the cats are back in the living room.  I border on neurotic when it comes to ticks.  Both Skip and I both have Lymes and I don't want it again.  We do tick checks every night and if anything looks like it has the potential to have legs, I whip out my jewelers eye and inspect.  It's crazy but it has to be done.  I can't believe how neurotic I've become and I can't believe that in a few weeks I will turn 58.  I don't feel 58 except for the little hard hair that grows on my chin and neck.  It takes me an extra half hour every day to pluck those little buggers.   I was told that I could wax them and it wouldn't take me as long.  I tried that and took half my skin along with the hair.  So I take the extra half hour and if I don't have the time to pluck in the morning,  I try not to visit people with good eye site.  Most people I know see as well as I do or have their own little hairs on their chin and wouldn't dare say anything about mine.
more rolags

drop spindles that we make I stained and put on semi gloss finish

mini drop spindles that I made

buds on our bradford pear tree

icelandic and shetland cross lamb fiber from Washington county sheep and wool, award winning fleece going into art box

caught in the fiber

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