Friday, March 7, 2014

Skip and I were finally able to go for a haircut today.  We planned to go to Sbarboro luncheonette in Coxsackie for breakfast.  I was in the mood for a hot chocolate with whipped cream.  Skip took that opportunity to inform our waitress that I like more whipped cream than hot chocolate.  She brought me a cup that had 4 inches of whipped cream, like a mountain standing straight up.  People were staring. We discussed the importance of whipped cream and I told her that I squirt it right into my mouth until the whipped cream is oozing out.  She said she did the same thing and then would bend down and shoot it into her dogs mouth.  We both came to the conclusion that anyone that loves whipped cream and denies mouth shooting  is just plain lying.  I thought about the dog thing and when I got home I tried it with CaseyMae.  I am here to report paws up for the cream.  I thought that I was being really sneaky with the whipped cream stealing but I found out today that Skip can hear the air from the next room.  He shared that bit of info with our waitress.  Someone should invent a silencer for whipped cream cans.  Maybe I should apply for kickstarter  funding.
When we were about to leave the luncheonette  I got a strong feeling that we should stop at Coxsackie Antiques, so I took out my pendulum to ask if it was to find a tool that Skip is looking for and I got a yes.  I walked around this huge building hiding in corners with my pendulum so I could at least find out where to start looking.  Every isle was a no.  At the very end of the store in the upper corner I found a caliper, the exact one that Skip was looking for and only $15 and I found a really large tibetan prayer wheel for $5.  I'm getting good with my pendulum.
I can't believe it but I finally finished processing all my fiber, all 2 years of it.  It was a good day.  The sun was shining and there were puddles on the ground, Josh, our barn cleaner came today and the  barn is now refreshed with new wood shavings and I finished my fiber, a major accomplishment.  Oh, and I ended my day with a fried calzone from Franks that arrived at the table just as I was thinking about how tight my jeans were and that I better start a diet tomorrow.

nice puddle

Josh our barn cleaner and life saver

ready whip for the girls

taking Lukes fiber from the carder

picked and ready for carder

Skip electrified my carder, I love it

tip for the day, do not eat popcorn while processing fiber
I noticed it after I took the picture

9 batts for sale in the shop, soft as butter, popcorn not included.

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